1) дело, занятие

I am sick and tired of the whole business! — Мне все это осточертело! /Мне все это надоело!

I wash my hands of the whole business. — Я умываю руки и не хочу иметь ничего общего с этой историей!

What's his business? — Чем он занимается?

That's her business. — Это ее личное дело.

That's not my business! — Это меня не касается. /, то не мое дело.

Let me worry about my business. — Я сам разберусь со своими делами.

I am pressed with/by business. — Я завален работой.

- important business
- serious business
- strange business
- troublesome business
- risky business
- urgent business
- nasty business
- dirty business
- complicated business
- some unfinished business
- delicate business
- other business
- executive business
- everyday business
- stop-gap business
- touch-and-go business
- fascinating business
- other people's business
- smb's business
- business conversation
- business letter
- business meeting
- business life
- first main business of life
- business of a doctor
- journey on business
- no admittance except on business
- matter of business
- man of business
- man of no particular business
- on government business
- with no particalar business
- on business of importance
- on business about the election
- on the company's business
- come on business
- come on a particular business
- have an important business on hand
- proceed with the business of the day
- know one's business
- stick to attend to take to one's businesses
- make it one's own business
- state one's business
- mind one's own business
- send smb about his business
- have no business to ask such questions
- clear up the remaining business
- undertake the business
- complete the business
- know the business inside out
- make business a pleasure
- neglect business
- talk business
- mean business
- make a business of travel
- prefer business to law
- travel for business
- mix business with pleasure
- get down to business
2) предпринимательство, торговая деятельность, коммерческая деятельность, торговля

No business on account of holiday. — В праздники магазины не работают/не торгуют.

All business is stopped by strickes. — Все коммерческие операции приостановлены из-за забастовок.

We have gone through a lot of business. — Мы заключили ряд торговых сделок. /Мы решили ряд дел.

It will bring in more business. — Это расширит торговлю.

We shut up business at five. — Мы закрываемся в пять.

- local business
- profitable business
- wholesale business
- big business
- private business
- small business
- cash business
- commission business
- overseas business
- business relations
- business agreement
- business transaction
- business carrer
- businessman
- business part of the town
- smb's line of business
- various aspects of business
- a branch of business
- present state of business
- lull in business
- partner in business
- connections in business
- on commercial business
- do business in cotton
- do business in smb's name
- handle routine business
- hamper business
- be in business
- go into business
- have a good head for business
- conduct business on cash bassis
- affect business
- promote business
- reduce the scope of business
- do on conduct big business
- do fair business
- have skill in business
- do business with this firm
- build up business with this country
- prefer business to medicine
- start a small business with silk goods
- resume business
- negotiate business
- make the business a success
- accept business on these terms
- be connected in business
- be out of business
- close business for the Christmas holiday
- do much business with smb
- business as usual
- business is good
- business is slow
- business expands
- business is steadily shrinking
- business dropped off in the retail stores
- business goes on as usual
3) предприятие, дело, фирма

The business of the company has been transfered. — Фирма/контора этой компании переведена.

He is a manager of two different businesses. — Он директор двух разных фирм.

It is too expensive for my class of business. — Это слишком дорого для фирмы моего типа.

Business before pleasure. — Делу время, потехе час.

Business is business. — Дело есть дело.

Everybody's business is nobody's business. — У семи нянек дитя без глазу.

Hit-or-miss business. — Либо пан, либо пропал

- advertizing business
- trading business
- legitimate business
- paying business
- one-man business
- show business
- export business
- travel business
- banking business
- electric lighting business
- ruined business
- business interests
- business address
- business hours
- business suit
- business connected with banks
- business of one's own
- business of a quarter of million dollars
- order of business
- for business reasons
- set up a business as a grocer
- lose money by the business
- enter smb's business
- buy out a business
- establish a small business
- start a small business
- build up a small business
- carry on business
- run a business
- head a business
- wreck smb's business
- curtail one's business
- set up a private detective business
- be in the hotel business
- succeed to the family business
- put money into a business
- be in business with one's father
- enter one's father's business
- absorb the business of the old company
- advertize many small businesses for sale
- do business through another house
- take the business in hand
- have a business
- own a business
- run one's business
- sell out one's business
- give up one's business
- handle one's business
- lose business
- put one's business into smb's hands
- move the business to the centre
- business prospers

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